Sharing the Love

When I was 4 years old, I received my very own pair of left-handed, green-handled scissors. They were all mine! I still remember the joy of finally being able to cut things. (If you did not know, it used to be next to impossible for a south paw to cut with regular children’s scissors.)

This fascination came into play when making this year’s Valentine cards. I love being able to remind my friends that they are loved…while using the most amount of pink this girly heart desires.

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across an idea for paper feathers and knew I had to so something with it. And thanks to for the feather template, and a varied supply of scrapbook papers on hand, I was able to put together one of the most satisfying Valentine cards yet.

I love my friends, and I’ve loved this project. After cutting out more than a hundred paper feathers, I’m also ready to give the scissors a bit of a break.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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