Before There Was Pinterest

Before there was Pinterest, we collected magazines. Magazines filled with insightful articles, useful tips, and beautiful images. And none of this “pin now, read later” nonsense. We’d read, look, and plan, right then and there.

And OK, so maybe we still do that, to some extent. What I’m getting at is why I have so many magazines. In these pages were endless hours of inspiration, in some form or another. Like my mom, I’d go through and cut out favorite pieces to use later. (In the mid-to-late ’90s I went through a huge decoupage phase, but that’s another story.)

Now, nearly four years after my mom died, and nearly three and half years after the bulk of the sorting, I’m going through my collection again. As years pass it becomes easier—and much less overwhelming—to let go of a few more things. There are a few more books being added to the donate pile, and lot more magazines (how did we find room to store these things?) being put in the recycle bin.

But I’m not in a rush to purge simply for the sake of minimalism. I’m taking a little bit of time to review these stored keepsakes. I’m taking time to reevaluate what’s still really important—and what’s not. And I’m taking the time to remind myself of the things I really felt passionate about. Maybe I’ll find that some of those things are really worth keeping.



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