Small Garden Dreams

My inner horticulturist was developed at an early age, through time spent with my grandmother in her tiny backyard. It thrived on an indulgent diet of The Secret Garden, all of the Anne of Green Gables series, and a few other Victorian-era books for good measure.

However, after moving to Texas, I was to learn (among many other garden-related things) that indoor plants don’t always make it in my house. For one thing, shade screens on nearly all the windows are a great help to the A/C in the summertime, but don’t exactly encourage healthy plant growth.

Ahh, but then I discovered the wonderful land of terrariums. These lovely, enclosed worlds where all sorts of things can be grown. They’ve been fairly popular recently, most being a trifle too modern for my vintage tastes…and decor. But other elegant versions also abound (see here).

And so this week I did it. I found a home for my leftover tea party decor with an apothecary jar from Michael’s, and so far have seen success with a thriving collection of miniature ferns. (My favorite, maidenhair fern, also does not thrive in the Texas heat…which makes this an especially satisfying endeavor.)

You can find any number of ideas and instructions online, but I was happy to find that my local garden supply had pre-assembled kits ready with gravel, charcoal, soil and sheet moss—which means I didn’t have to spend time trying to figure out what makes this charcoal better than that one, or worry about the peat-to-soil ratio. (It’s so much worse when I have to pick out a new mascara…too many options!)

I’m ridiculously happy about the end results (thus far), and am doing my best to not go crazy with my next one…or the one after that. But it’s nice to have a small garden dream come true. IMG_6494


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