‘Tis the Season

It’s been a busy season. And I struggle with the word “busy,” as though it were a season of mindless time fillers. Because it wasn’t. So I will say it’s been a full season.

It’s been a season of learning. I’ve been working and studying and traveling and practicing to get my Holy Yoga instructor certification. It’s been an amazing journey with truly beautiful, amazing people.

It’s been a season of letting go. My grandfather, in hospice for many weeks, made his final move to Heaven the week after I returned from my yoga retreat. My family had taken quite a few trips a few hours west of Fort Worth to say our goodbyes, only to learn he wasn’t quite ready. I am happy he is free from pain and experiencing the fullness of Love’s presence.

And it’s been a season of trust, family, and finding my balance again. Trusting that I’m doing the right thing. Coming together with family again, sisters and cousins and aunts. Finding the balance between work and play (um, yeah, like anyone ever really gets that…). Unpacking and rescheduling and adjusting. And in all, feeling like I’m just a little less overwhelmed as things settle down a little.

Suddenly, it’s another season. I look up and I’m already in the middle of Advent. I love this season. But am I reflecting enough? Am I planning enough? Am I adding, doing, decorating, pepperminting enough?

But then I remember to breathe. (Breathing is one of the most important things one learns at a yoga retreat, followed by how to stand.) This breath allows me time to pause. This next breath gives me space to think. I stop the worry of what decorations haven’t been finished or the cards haven’t been sent. In this breath I can see what has been done. What I already have. And what joy surrounds me.

This is grace, this Advent, this season.



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